What you should concider before buying a puppy:

Bergamasco puppies are surely unresistable with their charme of a teddy-bear. But those little fluffy teddy-bears are turning into big adult dogs, who claim from you lifelong love, attention and stimulation and give it back, trail mud in your living-room, who want to be your buddy for about 13 years and would like mostly to go whereever you go. So you are really going to take a decision of consequence!

Here is a set of questions for you, which you should answer honestly for yourself:

Am I willing to care a dog-life long about my bergamsco and to feed him according to his physical but also emotional needs?

Am I willing and able to continue the started education with puppy-schools playgroups and training damit sich mein Hund angenehmen Hausgenossen entwickelt?

Do I really have time and motivation to walk or train my dog every day rain or shine about two hours?

Is iit o.k. for me, that my bergamasco will trot behind me in the house, where ever I go and will usually watch my movements and is longing to stay with me all the time if possible?

Can I accept, that my dog is going to stay wet in bad weather for quite a time, because he is drying slowly?

Is it possible for me to take my dog with me when I go on holiday - or can I place him by good friends, where he feels comfortable too? ( A bergamasco is suffering gravely, when locked up in a kennel or is separated from his family!)

Am I prepared and in a position to pay the constantly incurred costs for feeding, vet, insurance, lisense fees etc.?

Did I discuss all those aspects with my family and do all members agree

Do I have - as the case may be - a declaration of consent from my hirer or from cohabitants I depend on?

Are our circumstances stable enough that I can assume keeping my dog appropriate to his needs for his whole life? Do I know, where I can place him in case of an emergency?

What we expect from you:

As we want to breed healthful and robust dogs, we need an exact overview of our breeding results. Therefore we require some special feedback from you:

We expect from you to let your dog x-ray with 15-18 months, to present him at a breed survey of our Club KfuH in Germany or to present him at at least one dogshow and to pay the costs.

What you can expect from us:

Our puppies are carefully prepared for all living conditions they should know to live a happy dog-life.

Our puppies are chipped, vaccinated and dewormed and have papers and pedigrees, that are recognized by the German KfuH and VDH and by the FCI.

Of course we are to your proposal whenever you have a question or a problem and we like to stay in contact with you ...

Don't precipitate anything - your decision will have far-reaching consequences for many years...